Discussion:Conceptual Model Framework

Discussion:Conceptual Model Framework

Discussion:Conceptual Model Framework

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Like in economics, nurses use a conceptual model framework to form an abstraction from reality and use a set of factors to illustrate the complex human being activities and represent the real working system. In nursing, a conceptual model framework is a fictional representation of the functioning of the human body by use of pictures, diagrams, and videos to help them know how the real system operates. On the other hand, nursing theory is a well-proven description of a particular phenomenon in the nursing sector has substantive reasoning and documentation explaining its occurrence (Alligood, 2017). Besides, the theories comprise of ideas, descriptions, interactions, and conventions that support the existence of a particular phenomenon.

Moreover, an array of factors that constitute a nursing theory include the patient, environment, health and nursing goals. Florence Nightingale’s environmental nursing theory is an appropriate example of a nursing theory that explains the relationship the ecological factors and the patients’ healing rate. Nightingale says that the environment whether healthy or unhealthy influences the immune system of a human being so much easier that if a patient stays in an unhealthy surrounding, there are very minimal chances of quick recovery (Zborowsky, 2014). In nursing, the environmental theory sets out factors that speed up the healing process of patients under medication. She discovered this theory during the Crimean War where the health conditions of the soldiers deteriorated despite providing medication; therefore, she concluded that the dirty environment and poor sanitation significantly led to the worsening of the soldiers’ condition. Thus, the environmental conditions that speed up the healing process of a patient include clean air to breathe, clean water, light, perfect drainage systems, and general cleanliness of the patient

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