Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Manual Therapies

1  Read and familiarize yourself with all the manual therapy resources provided in the Lesson (list of manual therapies are below in red, and the links to obtain the info below that) and write a scholarly 6-8 page paper in the correct APA Format, include titles and subtitles.


2  Answer the following questions:

•                    What is manual therapy?

•                    What are examples of manual therapy techniques and what are they used to treat: *Choose 2 techniques to write about*

•                    What are the education, scope of practice and treatment claims of the different manual therapy practitioners?

•                    Provide a detailed case study report from a book or journal, of a successful treatment with manual therapy. Be sure to indicate the source for in-text citation and in the reference page.

•                    Answer all questions thoroughly


3  Your critique should be:

•                    6 – 8 pages includes the following:

•                    Title and Reference page, titles and subtitles in the correct APA Format

2 of the 6 pages are the title and reference page.


Follow APA guidelines for margins, double spacing, page numbers; must college level writing, using correct spelling, grammar, sentence, and paragraph formation

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