Assignment: Health care System is Lacking

Assignment: Health care System is Lacking

Assignment: Health care System is Lacking

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The United States health care system is lacking in many areas when it is compared to other countries. There are many areas that we can improve where health care is concerned. Even though our health system is not the best our cost for health care continues to rise. Where is our money going? A survey from the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that 55% of American adults barely gave the US health care a passing grade, more than 11% gave the quality of care a fair rating, and 47% felt that the hospital care failed to provide the care that they deserved. Reading this was awful to say the least. How can we fall behind in quality of care in the hospital setting when our goal is to have the best outcome for our patients? Many studies show how there are multiple errors due to lack of communication and misuse of equipment that leads to accidents and even death of the patient. Health care providers need to talk to each other and respect one another and always remember that the patient should be their priority. The way we can achieve this is by holding everyone accountable for the care that’s being provided. Reporting poor quality of care will also help open the eyes of those who choose to work blindly.

In regards to the high price of health care The Affordable Care Act was established to help. It gives people that cannot afford insurance or are not offered insurance at their jobs a discounted rate. 20 million Americans have received coverage under this act that was initiated May 1, 2014, (The commonwealth fund, 2016)). Many individuals work hard to earn enough money to support their families and provide food and clothes for them. They don’t have enough money to spare on health insurance just in case. Health care insurance is not cheap to buy even purchasing a HMO costs an average family $700-$900 a month, that’s just the monthly fee and does not take into consideration the copays and cost of medication that goes along with treatments. We have the biggest and best that the world has to offer when it comes to science and medicine we should be able to provide care to all not just a select few that can afford it.


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