Anatomy and the Basic Physiology of the Muscular System

  • Describe the anatomy and basic physiology of the system.
  • Articulate what makes the system unique/primary focus.
  • Include an interesting fact about the system, that is not in the textbook. (For example, the heart can secrete hormones but it is not part of the Endocrine system)
  • Choose a common disorder of the system and describe the:disease/condition the:disease/condition
  • symptoms and signs
  • etiology
  • common tests/procedures for confirming the condition.
  • treatment options
  • prognosis
  • Include a summary paragraph (of at leas200 wo) identifying how this system supports one other body system to help maintain homeostasis. For example, what is the relationship between the muscular system and the skeletal system?

nervous system as it supports the muscular system

  • Identify any similarities between the system prevention recommendations.Add additional fun facts about the body system.
  • Explain the physiology of the fun fact.

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